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Become a member!

To become a member of S.V. Mens you must be studying at VU. A membership costs € 15,00 for the first year of your membership and € 10,00 for the following years. For this, you get a discount on your books and you can also participate in all Mens activities such as symposia, sports activities and drinks. You have no obligations and it is a natural addition to your student time!

You can register by filling out the form below. Besides the membership, you also sign a direct debit mandate to use the bar in the Mens-room and to be able to join activities.

After completing the form below, you will get an automated email confirming your registration. There will also be an email with the login for the Mens-website.


*If you want to cancel your membership for the next study year, you must do this before the 1st of August. If you cancel your membership after the 1st of August, you still have to pay the indicated contribution for the next study year.

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By signing this form, you give authorization to Medische Natuurwetenschappelijke Studievereniging to send continuous direct debit orders to your bank to deduct an amount from your account. You also give permission to your bank to continuously deduct an amount from your account corresponding on behalf of Medische Natuurwetenschappelijke Studievereniging and Mens-AC. Medische Natuurwetenschappelijke Studievereniging is authorised to use direct debit until the undersigned withdraws the authorization themselves. The withdrawal of the authorization can be written to the address above.


Every student studying at the VU may become a member of the study association Mens. In other cases, the board decides whether you will be admitted.

By signing this form you agree to become a member of the study association Mens. You agree to pay € 15,00 for the first year of your membership and € 10,00 for the following years through direct debit. Furthermore the undersigned gives permission that, at the time of signing, any overdue fees will be automatically collected at once, with a single direct debit. 

By becoming a member you support an association whose purpose is to unite and support Medical Natural Sciences students and subsequent masters.

By signing this form you agree with the privacy conditions set by the study association Mens. By signing this form you indicate your agreement to the use of your photos for the Mens site and promotional purposes.

If you disagree with the deduction, a refund is possible. Please contact your bank within 8 weeks of deduction. Ask your bank about the terms.

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